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Name:The Road of 'Trode
Birthdate:Sep 19
The Road of 'Trode
It's cyberspace. An ocean, an infinite encyclopedia, a universe of its own. The Road of 'Trode.
"Open your eyes. Can you hear me? Open your eyes."

Eyelids made grainy and heavy lift slow, dragging over your eyeballs. Your heart is pounding, mouth dry, and you feel hands peeling the electrodes off of your skull. Where are you? A moment ago, you were home. A moment ago you were living a life in a vastly different place. A moment ago none of this was here.

Next to you, a doctor breathes a shaky sigh of relief. "You were flatlined," they tell you. "I didn't know if we could get you back."

And you remember.

You've lived here on the Ark your entire life. A moment ago, you were jacked in. You were in cyberspace. And then -- you weren't. Something hijacked your brain and made you experience an entire life, one that may have eerily echoed yours, but that wasn't yours.

What the hell could have done this to you?

This is the Road of 'Trode.
The Road of 'Trode is a panfandom cyberpunk, magical realism and urban fantasy alternate-universe roleplaying game. In it, your character is part of a culture of millions of people traveling through space in a vast Ark, connected by an incredibly sophisticated cyberspace network.

This game is currently CLOSED, pending refit of the premise.

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