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◊ Reserves last for two weeks from date of reservation.

◊ If you are given revisions on your application (and your application was submitted within your reserve period), your reserve is reset and you have two more weeks.

◊ A maximum of three reserves may be held by one person at any time.

◊ There are no extensions. If your reserve runs out, in order to re-reserve you must wait two weeks. You may still submit your application during that time, but the character spot will not be reserved for you.

◊ We do not conduct challenge apps. Any reserved app will be reviewed and accepted/declined/revised before a non-reserved app of the same character.
Current Reserves
{Marvel Cinematic Universe} Phil Coulson (OU) - [personal profile] istillbelieveinheroes [09/28]
Reserve Form

Reserves are currently OPEN.
Applications will open on midnight between Thursday, May 31st and Friday, June 1st.

Current projected game opening date is Friday, July 6. This date is subject to change.

Once you've reserved, remember to check out the Ark History Planning Post to get ideas for your character's Ark AU!
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Reserving on behalf of [personal profile] esoooooo, who informs me she's cleared this with you guys in advance:

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Heyyyyyyy mods, just popping in to confirm. \o\

(Hey thank you for doing this dude)
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dropping my reserve for now! thank you!
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hng damn it steve.

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widowing: (§ | you're on your own now)

if the other reserve's expired...

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sorry to do this, but can i change the universe from OU to AU?
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thank you very much!
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wwii: BROOD BROOD BROOD (ʜᴏᴜsᴇ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴀʀᴇ.)

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HAHA we win!
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get that beautiful smug face out of here right now, barnes.
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i'm gonna stay here

and be awkward

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Ah, sorry, instead of OC that should be OU. I'm brilliant at 3AM.
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Just confirming here that I'm gonna be using a different Tony account to submit the app and use in-game.

The new account is [personal profile] heartnoglow.
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{Resident Evil (Movie)} Rain Ocampo (OU) - [personal profile] toughenough [Date of Reservation in 07/15]
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Life got in the way of apping last month, so here's to this. \o/

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